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FlashRite Media Product Specification

- FlashRite will assist creating a product specification that will ensure Enterprise Known Good Media.

Flash Media Product Compliance Specification

- FlashRite will provide a specification to define Media device compliance with the Media Product Specification.

Flash Media Supply Chain Management Specification

- FlashRite will provide a Media Supply Chain Management specification that defines the suppliers and specifies processes to ensure KGM®; the specification will include:

                                I.            Media Supplier & Bill of Materials (BOM)

                              II.            Media Supplier Outgoing Inspection Process

                            III.            FlashRite Incoming Acceptance Criteria

                            IV.            FlashRite Outgoing Inspection Criteria

                              V.            Media Manufacturing & Supply Audit & Reporting Process

Flash Media Duplication Specification

- FlashRite will define systems and provide the duplication software scripts.

Flash Media Log & Traceability Specification

- FlashRite will provide log files and traceability tracking information on all KGM® Media.

Periodic Supply Chain Audit & Report

- FlashRite will define the audit process and execute on an as-needed basis.

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